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RPM² - Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring

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Features a Power Meter with
    4 different measurement/monitoring modes!
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RPM² is excited to be working with Michael Johnson,
and Michael Johnson Performance, in offering our unique
device to athletes.
Power meter comparative data
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The first footbed power meter in the world
The only Footbed Running Power Meter
in the World that measures force
and calibrates to the specific athlete


RPM² is the first footbed cycling and running power meter in the world designed to measure bi-lateral equivalence of the legs used to help correct mechanics and form for athletes, and proper mechanics increases performance and potentially reduces injury.

Who We Are

 RPM² (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring), is a brand new technology – specifically engineered to enhance an athlete’s performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power.


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What We Do

You perform the exercises and the RPM² system shows detail reports designed to help you develop strength and conditioning exercises to help achieve bilateral equivalence and higher performance.


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RPM² has established a partnership with Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson, and his athletic training organization, Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., to continue to enhance the functionality of the device.


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RPM² Demo

RPM² demonstration video

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RPM² Device Usage and FAQS, Part 2

RPM² Device Usage and FAQS, Part 2

To help our clients get the most out of our products, we are posting a series of blog posts dedicated to device usage tips and frequently asked questions. At RPM², we strive to deliver technologically advanced products without sacrificing a user-friendly interface. Our last blog of this series focused on registering one’s devices with our website. Today, we will discuss how to connect RPM² footbeds to mobile devices after registration. Our footbeds are compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. In the next few months, our products will also be compatible with .Fit and ANT+. Connecting Your Insoles to the iOS Device After registering your insoles online, open the settings on y..

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RPM² Sponsors Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Fitness Coaching

RPM² Sponsors Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Fitness Coaching

Our team at RPM² is honored to announce our recent sponsorship of Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Fitness Coaching. A native of Scotland, Lesley Paterson is a three-time XTERRA champion and dedicated triahtlete. In recent months, we have established strategic corporate partnerships with industry leaders such as Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. along with sponsorships with athletes and coaches throughout the United States and abroad. While our products and technology are revolutionary, we also enjoy giving back to the running and cycling communities through our many connections. More about Lesley Paterson Lesley Paterson has a background in performing arts where she holds a bachelor’s degree i..

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