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RPM² Device Description



As CEO and inventor, I am pleased to bring you RPM² a revolutionary technology aimed at making athletes better, stronger, and faster! Helping athletes achieve higher performance through bilateral equivalence is what RPM² technology is all about. Coaches and trainers recognize that the more bilaterally equivalent the legs are, the better the athlete will perform. With this in mind, we developed RPM².

RPM² helps athletes measure bilateral equivalence, gait analysis, and power. In essence, RPM² is three devices in one and at a very reasonable cost. RPM² is pre-set with six “range of motion” exercises, seven “gait” exercises, two “force distribution” exercises, as well as four cycling exercises. The pre-set exercises are designed to provide accurate information with regard to bilateral equivalence. Based on the measurements provided by RPM², coaches and athletes can adjust training regimens and techniques to achieve higher performance.

RPM² is the first and only footbed power meter in the world that measures both right and left leg power, as well as collective power. RPM² can also measure force when cycling causually. In the same manner as with gait, the cycling application divides the ride into separate measurement points. Additionally, RPM² can determine if the foot, while on the bike peddle, is pronating or supinating, which could lead to more pressure on the anterior or medial compartment of the knee.

RPM² is the first and only TRUE running power meter in the world and streams real-time power during the run. Without force, power cannot accurately be calculated. RPM² calculates force directly from the footbed, so nothing is inferred. In monitoring an athlete’s gait, RPM² measures step time, ground contact time, flight time, cadence, and sequential force strike (heel, mid-foot, fore-foot strike and acceleration power). Dependent on the running mode selected, RPM² takes one to five measurements with the live power meter toggled off. This allows the coach and athlete to see how gait changes throughout the run. Specifically, one can see how gait breaks down over the course of the run and at what point or points this occurs. This provides a unique coaching opportunity for additional strength and conditioning to address this breakdown in gait. With the live power meter toggled on, RPM² displays data every minute at the completion of the run. The remote run feature allows an athlete to set how long they will run and for how many recordings. The athlete can select up to 5 hours and up to 10 recordings.

RPM² also measures bilateral range of motion. As previously mentioned, this is done through six pre-set exercises, where range of motion screen shots clearly show bilateral equivalence of athletes. Again, these exercises are designed to show bilateral equivalence and allows the coach or athlete to make adjustments in strength and conditioning exercises to correct any bilateral equivalence issues.

Force distribution is also an important aspect of how athletes perform. RPM² measures half squat and standing pressure in real-time. These exercises clearly show if one leg is favored over the other, thus, bearing more of the force which can lead to performance issues. Additionally, RPM² measures four quadrants of the foot, displaying if the athlete is pronating, supinating, on the balls of the feet, or behind the ankle, each leading to potential performance issues.

In conclusion, RPM² will provide accurate data to help all athletes be better, stronger, and achieve higher performance. Our plans are to provide other applications that address team sports that will focus on speed and agility. RPM² is designed to simply make the measurements necessary for coaches and athletes to adjust training regimens and protocols. I think you will enjoy RPM² and we look forward to hearing your feedback to help us make an even better product.

Recommended Use of RPM²

RPM² is designed as a tool to measure bilateral equivalence, gait analysis, and cycling mechanics to include a running and casual cycling power meter. Analysis provided by RPM² allows for the adjustment of training based on mechanical movements. In such, it is best to capture data on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. When RPM² is not used, simply replace RPM² inserts with a pair of “everyday” inserts which can be found in our store. If you prefer, you can replace RPM² with factory or custom orthotics.

RPM² can also be used daily as a training device. In regard to training, it is recommended that test exercises using RPM² be tracked and saved at least once per week. Although test exercises can be performed more, or less frequently, one week intervals allow for training adjustments to be made in response to measurements provided during test exercise periods. As well, this allows for the customization of training, based on measurements provided by RPM².

RPM² Rewards Program:

With the purchase of an RPM², you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program. Every dollar spent earns points for DISCOUNTS and/or FREE items. Please review the “Rewards” tab in “your account” for points balance and items and discounts earned.

Each purchase earns the following Rewards Points:

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