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RPM² - Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring


RPM² is the first footbed cycling and running power meter in the world designed to measure bi-lateral equivalence of the legs used to help correct mechanics and form for athletes, and proper mechanics increases performance and potentially reduces injury.

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RPM² (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring) is a brand new technology – specifically engineered to enhance an athlete’s performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power.

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Check out our blog to read the latest news regarding our company and affiliations, find useful information about our products, and gain a wealth of tips for maximizing your athletic performance.

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Allow us to introduce the coaches, athletes, teams, and other communities who are embracing RPM² and helping to make it the best performance measurement device on the market.

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Introducing the RPM² Power Meter

RPM² Footbed Power Meter

Latest Posts

More Exclusive Content from Run With Power by Jim Vance

More Exclusive Content from Run With Power by Jim Vance

Did you know that the RPM² system has been featured in a new book? Renowned endurance coach, Jim Vance recently published Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running. Published by VeloPress, the leading publisher of materials geared toward the endurance athlete community, Run with Power has been lauded by elite coaches, trainers, and top-notch athletes for its comprehensive look at the world of power meters. If the name Jim Vance sounds familiar to you, it might be because our team has previously sponsored seminars with Coach Vance. RPM² sponsored Coach Vance’s talk at the 2015 Ironman in Kona. Our team provided a wealth of data to Jim Vance so that he could discuss our pr..

RPM2 is One of the Most Affordable Power Meters on the Market

RPM2 is One of the Most Affordable Power Meters on the Market

With the release of Run with Power and forging new partnerships, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in our revolutionary remote performance monitoring device, RPM². Our device is useful for all types of athletes—especially endurance athletes who compete in marathons, triathlons, and competitive racing. Not only does RPM² collect a wealth of data that relates to a person’s bilateral equivalence, our footbeds also have an insole-based power meter that can measure both horizontal and vertical power. The Value of RPM² Our inserts have been tested for durability and reliability under a variety of conditions. When you factor in the longevity of our footbeds with its many benefits inclu..


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